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Return of Paddlewheel Excursions

Posted on 12/20/19

I don’t remember much from my first visit from cedar point but one ride stood out.The name of the ride was Paddlewheel Excursions. It was a boat ride that would go around the park’s lagoon. Along the sides of the lagoon where various scenes with animatronics. The scenes varied from two fishermen in a sinking boat to Professor Delbert and his flying machine.

Professor Delberts flying machine

The ride was similar to The Jungle Cruise at Disney World in which there would be skippers on the boats that would make jokes.The difference was the skippers on Paddlewheel Excursions were aloud to improv which made each ride different. The boats were also not on a rail and were able to move freely.

Paddlewheel Excursions would end up closing at the end of the 2011 season. In its place there would be a dinosaur walkthrough. However, in 2018 the dinosaur walkthrough would close and two years later in 2019 Cedar Point would announce Snake River Exibidations, a spiritual successor to Paddlewheel.So far all that is known is it will reuse Paddlewheel’s dock and it will have live actors acting out scenes in addition to animatronic scenes. It is unknown if any of the original scenes will return.Snake River Exibidations is going to open sometime in 2020.